Teahupoo's Swan Song

11/10/2021 - 22:47
Water and drone highlights from what could be Teahupoo's last swell of the season.

As mentioned earlier, the South Pacific is slowly winding down after a very long and active season.

(Stay tuned for how long and how active. We’re crunching the numbers.)

And while the swell that slammed Teahupoo last week wasn’t as large or dramatic or well attended as the August 13th swell, it featured some really big, really hollow waves, many of which were ridden expertly by an almost entirely local crew. (Tahiti is under a new lockdown, which prevented most visitors from chasing the swell.)

Hit play above for highlights from the day, and check out the link for the full gallery: https://surfl.in/3Av0EL9

Filmer credit: Tim McKenna (@TimMcKenna)