As you'll no doubt have noticed, we hosted the European premiere of CONVERGENCE this summer, just a few hours away from its world premiere in Huntington Beach.

This excellent film about passion for surfing, perseverance and family is directed by Perry Gershkow and produced by 805 Beer.

Featured as guests in the film: Conner Coffin, Greyson Fletcher and Nate Tyler.

So, we took the opportunity to ask a few questions to the WSL's newest retiree: CONNER COFFIN.


After 6 seasons on the World Tour, with a World No. 4 ranking in 2021, Conner recently retired as a pro competitor at the US OPEN last August.


Conner is 30 years old and originally from Santa Barbara, California.

You'll regularly find him around the Rincon point break, alongside Tom Curren, Bobby Martinez, his brother Parker Coffin and the entire spot community.

Above and beyond his competitive skills, it is his "with the wave" surfing, powerful on the rails, that has built his reputation.


He recently declared that his "head and heart were no longer in competition" and that he "needed to feel happy and fulfilled...".

This new life of freesurfing, fishing, diving and music... is opening up to him today.


Happy reading, and see you soon in cinemas or in the water!

- Hi Conner,

what about your 1st wave...


"The very first wave I caught was on the island of Kaui.

On a family vacation just after I turned 4.

I remember being scared at first but then after that first wave, I was totally hooked!!"

Photo WSL

I’m far from perfect, but I hope to keep taking more and more action to help our planet.

Photo Rip Curl

- Who are the people who influence you the most ?


"In life, I would say that my family has influenced me the most.

I have a really tight family and everyone from my brother to my grandparents has had a lot of influence on the person that I’ve become.


Surfing-wise, I always really looked up to Tom Curren’s surfing.

I admired his style, power, and flow.

Dane Reynolds, Bobby Martinez, Taylor Knox, and Andy Irons were also really influential to me. "

Photo WSL

- What is your surf culture and what do you want to share ?


"Surfing is a huge part of my life and with that comes so much. 

To me, it’s really that time in nature and connecting with nature and the ocean through riding waves that I find so special.

Sharing that with family and close friends is such a joy too. 

Surfing is the connection to nature and then with that comes all of the other activities that I enjoy doing in the ocean when there aren’t waves such as fishing, diving, boating, paddling, etc.


Surfing makes you so hungry so I have always loved food.

I love to catch my own food, grow my own food, and cook.

There is nothing better than sharing a surf and a meal with people.

I love how food and surfing bring people together from around the world."

Photo WSL

- What did you love on the World Tour ?


"I loved pushing myself to be the best surfer I could be and the challenge of competing at a really high level.

I also loved traveling to so many amazing places around the world and making lifelong friends in all of those places."

- What was your relationship with Nate and Greyson before the film CONVERGENCE ?


"I’ve known both Nate and Greyson for a really long time.

We have never spent a ton of time together before the movie. 

But I always really admired and respected both of them for their talents but also for who they are as people. "

There is nothing better than sharing a surf and a meal with people.

- Your movie Mind Surfing help you to change your life ?


"I wouldn’t say the film necessarily did.

But I would say having the support of brands that believe in me and what I’m passionate about, gives me the freedom to do what I want to do in my life.

I’m extremely grateful for that."

- You said in Convergence that you love watching surf movies,

what are your 3 best surf movies ?



That was like my bible growing up.

I’m a huge Tom Curren fan so this has always been one of my favorites."


I’ve watched this so many times.

I love everything about it.

The soundtrack just gets me fired up to surf.

No class to Bruce getting drained at the backdoor and pipe is a part that will always get me so fired up!"


Kai was groundbreaking at the time and he put together an amazing group of surfers.

They took the bar to a whole new level."

- What are your to get in the water and post-surf best songs ?


"I don’t think I can name 5 because they change all the time!


Before surf:

"Sting me" by the BLACK CROWES

"Nightrain" by GUNS N ROSES


"Jumping jack flash" by THE ROLLING STONES


After Surf:

"Hotel California" by THE EAGLES. 

"Fifth of May" by ZACH BRYAN

"Running on Empty" by JACKSON BROWNE

"Jackstraw" by The GRATEFUL DEAD

"Whitehouse Road" by TYLER CHILDERS."

Photo The James Brand

- You dive, fish, cook... what's your favorite meal ?


"I’d say right now, my favorite has been halibut ceviche.

With freshly caught fish and goodies from my garden! "

Photo DR

- Do you take actions for the planet ?


"I try to do my part and encourage people to, but I want to try and do more.

We have an EV which is our main car, we have a garden, try to support local farmers and buy, organic, minimize single-use plastics and materials, recycle, and support organizations that are trying to change our planet for the better.


I’m far from perfect, but I hope to keep taking more and more action to help our planet. "

I loved pushing myself to be the best surfer I could be and the challenge of competing at a really high level.

- What were your best souvenirs in France ?


"I’ve had some really really fun nights and Mels in France!

So those would be my favorite souvenirs."

Photo Claire Murphy

- Do you have challenges for the next few years ?


"I’m just really excited to focus on the next chapter of my career and hopefully create some awesome projects.

And continue to inspire the next generation of surfers in a positive way! "


Thanks Conner!

Published on Sunday, September 17, 2023