San Clemente | (DE)TOUR: SURF TOWNS

11/22/2021 - 23:59
The classic California surf trip starts right now.

In the premiere episode, Hunter Jones and Lex Weinstein begin their journey through the state’s surf towns in San Clemente.

They meet up with Big Wave Champ and local Greg Long before paddling out at the famed break Lower Trestles, where the pros in the lineup are only outnumbered by the cobblestones and e-bikes on the shore.

After Trestles, Hunter and Lex bestow the Saltiest Local Award on a longtime surfboard glasser, find out where a local shop rates on the Burrito-meter, and log some time at San Onofre’s iconic longboard wave with the Native Like Water organization.

San Clemente / Trestles is the modern name of the ancient Acjachemen village site known as Panhe.

The Acjachemen people have lived in the place we call Orange County for over 10,000 years and are still here stewarding the land alongside surfers, environmentalists, and others who care about our shared coastline.