Pathé Madeleine, Marseille
Pathé Madeleine, Marseille

Oxbow and Around The Waves are proud to present the Premiere of the film




A film directed by Julie and Vincent Kardasik about the big wave surfer Pierre Rollet.

Screening Thursday November 25, 2021 at 7:30 pm at Pathé Madeleine in Marseille.

the film


50 minutes - 2021 (France) 
Trailer coming soon

Written and directed by Julie and Vincent Kardasik.

Produced by Oxbow


Pierre Rollet is one of the most gifted big wave surfers of his generation and surely one of the most secretive...
Child of the Basque Country, he embodies a tradition of "Men of the Sea" for whom surfing is above all a pleasure, shared emotions.
From the world famous spots to the most confidential waves, Pierre has chosen to break free from the codes to make his own way.
The vision he has of his passion is unique, as are his surroundings and his career. 

It is this story off the beaten track that Le Cercle tells.


22min - 2021 (France)

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/561231942
Directed by Jérémy Gabrien and Romain Pélissier

Produced by Sud Landes Production


This documentary gives voice to the wave and meets those who surf life.

With the testimonies of Gibus de Soultrait, Patrick Beven, Tristan Guilbaud, Bruno Castelle, Anaïs Vanel and Tom Frager, they tried to answer the question of the links between surfing and life.

Witnesses of this movement, they give us keys to better understand the movement of the wave and in parallel help us to understand the evolution in a fluid society.


4 min - 2020
Directed, filmed by Thomas Lodin.

With Mathieu Maréchal, during his first visit to California, in the fall of 2019.

His thoughts, feelings and surfing.
Co-starring : JJ & Nathalie Wessels


Thursday, November 25, 2021 -19:30


Tickets: 6.5€

Booling: https://www.cinemaspathegaumont.com/films/le-cercle or at the cinema

Covid certificate required



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