Club Sauvages Darwin, Bordeaux
Club Sauvages Darwin, Bordeaux

Around The Waves and Darwin present the new film by surfer and director Arthur Bourbon:




Screening in presence of Arthur at the Club Sauvages in Darwin, Tuesday July 12, 2022

LE CHEMIN is a documentary film about a surf trip along the French Atlantic coast, meeting people with inspiring life stories.

the FILM


2022 (France) - 54 minutes

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/719876163

Written and directed by Arthur Bourbon
Produced by Hand Studio
Photography: Clément Le Page
Narration: Antoine Gouy

With: Mathieu Gusto, Maraîcher, Vincent Lartizien, Vincent Duvignac, Arthur Le Vaillant, Pierre Jehanno and Roland Jourdain.


« Le Chemin » is both a surfing film and an engaged documentary.

It traces the journey of Arthur Bourbon, professional surfer and director, from the Basque Country to Brittany.

On the road, Arthur meets surfers and ocean lovers with inspiring commitments and life paths, while rediscovering the surf spots of the French Atlantic Coast.
An adventure full of simplicity and kindness, advocating a different type of travel and a sense of wonder.

Along the way, the landscapes of the coastline will be revealed along the bike path, like a forgotten treasure at the bottom of the garden.

And there is nothing like the rhythm of a bicycle to enjoy it.
It is also an opportunity to discover initiatives and personalities, through 6 portraits.

How to live more simply? How to eat and produce differently? How can we travel while limiting our impact? Sobriety or innovation? These issues, at the heart of all debates on environmental and climate issues, are addressed here in a positive and entertaining way.
The intention is above all to show some examples and alternatives in order to encourage reflection.
And of course the waves, because it is above all a "surf trip"!

Along the "Vélodyssée", this famous cycling route, it is the best opportunity to discover the coast and to find some unknown jewels.

What better way to enjoy the beautiful conditions of early autumn?


Tuesday, July 12, 2022 

Starting at 7pm, screening at 8pm

Free entrance!


► Screening in presence of Arthur Bourbon

+ Dj set + drinks



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