Alaia Surf Café, Bordeaux
Alaia Surf Café, Bordeaux

Around The Waves presents the premiere of REBORN, Juliette Lacome's latest film!


+ screening of Juliette's other short films


► Free evening on Thursday, September 7, 2023 at Alaia Surf Café, Bordeaux, in the presence of Juliette and director Théo Preuilh

the film

2023 - France
10 minutes
Director: Théo Preuilh
With: Othmane Choufani, Ethane Osborne, Kepa Housset, Shane Sykes

Voice-over: Coco Ho


This is Juju, , 12 years ago in Biarritz.
Surfing took a big part of her life, and everything flew past when she started to compete.
She has always been competitive, in and out of the water.
She loves competing, but it took her away from the reasons she started surfing.
It was not fun anymore.
She could spend days without surfing, but would not allow herself to burn out.
Last summer, after an ankle injury, she spent most of her summer on the couch, and realize how much she was missing surfing. And how it kept her away from her problems.
Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom, before you can get back to the top.
She needed to get lost to find her way again.
And she found a way to challenge herself, and do things differently.
This journey is about finding the light in the darkness, and to never give up on your dreams.


Thursday, September 7, 2023

Starting at 9pm



+ a selection of short films 


► In the presence of Juliette Lacome and director Théo Preuilh

Alaia Surf Café,

12 Quai des Queyries,

33100 Bordeaux