AIR WIND (Nathan, Gabriel, Jack, Noah, JJF)

04/02/2024 - 14:23
I thought it would be fun to share some waves from this weekend in slow motion.

To me it has always been interesting to see the the small details when it’s all slowed down. 

Surfers featured: @JJF  @NathanFlorence @noahbeschen. @GabrielMedina10 Jack Robinson

Camera: @reddigitalcinema V-Raptor shot in 4K @ 240fps. 
Boardshorts and Wetsuit top: @FlorenceMarineX 
Board: @PyzelSurfboardsInternational 
Pad and Leash: @veiasupplies 
Fins: @futuresfins M/L JJF template

Produced by Spencer Klein
Filmed by Erik Knutson
Edited by Jared Butler
Production Support by Pete Johnson, Brandon Wasserman