The Celtic Experience with Pierre Lopez

24/01/2023 - 22:22
Pierre Lopez, swimmer-rescuer and accomplished waterman, has decided to launch himself on a paddleboard in one of the longest crossings in the world... the Celtic Crossing!

Nearly 52 kilometers to be covered with the force of the arms between the archipelago of the Scilly Islands and England.
Between the Isles of Scilly, 50 km southwest of the Lands End, and Sennen Cove, lies some of the most dangerous, hostile, and crowded stretches of ocean in the world. The treacherous currents and sudden changes in weather that are bound to occur on this stretch of water, coupled with the fact that this crossing takes place on one of the busiest shipping lanes in Europe, makes it one of the most daring offshore races in the world.
"BEYOND - the Celtic Experience" tells the story of this exceptional odyssey.

PRODUCER : LoannProd
DIRECTOR : Loïck Bonavita
WRITER : Loïck Bonavita, Thibault Fotré, Pierre Lopez 
MUSIC : Pablaw
VOICE-OVER : Pierre Lopez
IMAGES : Loïck Bonavita, Connor Owens
DRONE OPERATOR: Connor Owens, Loïck Bonavita 
EDITING : Loïck Bonavita, Thibault Fotré 
LAYOUT: Thibault Fotré