Chapter 11 TV: Episode 019
"We Did A Great Job of Doing Nothing"

03/04/2024 - 10:27
Matt and I were surfing Emma Wood - if you call it that...

Anyone else feel California has dipped into a deep dark black hole that won’t allow any decent waves to reach the coast? Anyways, we were shooting the shit about how impressive it is that one of our dear friends had gotten to where he’s at in life without actually doing anything. It’s very impressive. It takes a certain skill to become an adult by skating along, never applying yourself or dedicating your time and energy into a specific career but somehow he comes out on top time after time. 

‘Did a great job of doing nothing’ stuck. It’s used to describe a daily grovel that you can barely even call exercise, or a day in the shop when nothings working, ruining screens, staining clothes, no customers, spam calls, broken printer... those times when you just seem to be spinning your wheels.

I found a stack of black and white prints at the swap meet taken by a racing enthusiast. One of em was of a Buick Regal spinning its wheels before a race and it clicked. That's the name of the film. ‘We did a great job, of doing nothing’    

Enjoy some A+ through C- Emma Wood Footage in this vid.

P.S. Michael Cukr filmed the egging bit