Coming Home

28/03/2024 - 17:53
Coming home always seems to be harder than leaving.

We have been on the road for 325 days, travelled over 30 thousand kilometres and have seen some truly wild remote places. We loved troopy life on the road, we met some amazing friends and would do it again in an instant.
Driving up the south coast of NSW, places started becoming very familiar. With a new perspective after travelling through some of the best places Australia has to offer, we came to realise something that was never this clear before— the fact that we live and belong to a part of the country that is arguably the most naturally beautiful, wildlife abundant and wave rich regions in this great southern land. 
It is bittersweet coming home, we are sad to close this chapter in our lives but we are beyond grateful to have the freedom and opportunity to do this. 
Lionel Richie once said, "Enjoy coming home, because there is going come a time when you can't come home... the house will be there, the people in the house won't be there..."

Until next time,
TroopySurfari signing out 🫡