'Experimental Dental' ( Program )
starring Creed Mctaggart

07/07/2024 - 00:03
BMT presents a 13.44-minute surf film starring Creed Mctaggart.

An exploration of the Twinzer Experimental Dental Program designed and shaped by Alex Knost. 
Creed is riding a 6'4 x 19 5/8 x 2 1/2 

Many thanks to the filmers;
Milo Inglis
Toby Cregan
Georde Grigor
Harry Triglone
Beren Hall
Wade Carroll 

Edited by
Jack Lynch
Creed Mctaggart 

Father Son - Young Jesus
Great Big Kiss - Johnny Thunders - Live at the Peppermint Lounge 1982
Your Dream - Kim Jung Mi