G Skate Demo Tape

15/09/2023 - 17:47
The G Skate Demo Tapes' Indonesia edition follows our CI Team for a week around Bali.

Surfers include: Parker Coffin, Cam Richards, Tai Buddha, Charly Quivront, Miguel Tudela, Kian Martin, Ryuki Waida and Ketut Agus. They lucked into week of cooking surf while all riding the G Skate that the Gudauskas brothers had worked closely with Britt Merrick.

For all these boys it was their first time riding this new design, and as you'll see, this skatey style of board allowed them to draw some very creative lines at high speeds. This edit captures the radical surfing that went down during those sessions. 

The goal of the G Skate project between the G Bros and Britt was to create something fresh feeling that turned well in good surf but skated with ease through the not-so-good stuff. There was one major stipulation during its development: the G Skate had to still perform at the highest levels possible. They achieved this by shortening their typical shortboard rail line by 5” and adding curves and contours in key places that would keep them on top of the water and not hinder their turns in any way. Adding a 2 + 1 (twin plus trailer) fin set-up tied the whole concept together.

The G Skate has a lot of get up and go speed thanks to its light single to double concave, low entry rocker, wide point forward—and its contemporary shortboard rails provide all the precision and control you could ever want.

This stoke-infused collaboration also yielded an all-new Merrick / Gudauskas 2 + 1 fin set for the G Skate, and they also found that the AMT (2 + 1) fin set up works very well. The purpose of this twin plus trailer fin set-up was to offer the beautiful “free feel” of a twinnie yet have the refined control of a thruster—which is critical in creating a board that accommodates the broad spectrum of approaches between all three G Bros. For those that prefer traditional thruster set-ups, their favorite 3-fin set will work well in this design—giving surfers twice the options and value.

The G Skate serves as a strong utility piece in any quiver where fun and performance are the goal. Ride this board 3” to 6” shorter and the same thickness as your CI Pro.