Going Left in the Land of Rights

29/12/2021 - 10:36
Only two protagonists here, Othmane Choufani, aka the froth lord and Ismail Benlamlih, under the lens of Amine Nader aka Morocco surf Photography -- when this colossal fresh run of swell blasted Africa and the Canary Islands a couple days ago. (More on the Canaries, real soon)

“This was one of the best days of Moroccan big wave surfing since Hercules, it was just amazing.” said Otho. “I haven't seen conditions like this. It was just two of us for six hours. I took a 6'6” and it was kind of light for the conditions, you know. Looking at the footage I wish I was deeper, but with that board it was so hard to stall – I've learned though, ordered a new one. Going to work on something heavier, a bit smaller. And get deeper in the barrel if we get another day like this."

Music: Bensound.com