ROME, ITALIE with Roby D'Amico

22/03/2024 - 23:08
I recently had the opportunity to visit Rome, Italy, for the first time...

And... wow
I see all the normal sites, yes....
But I hope you know by now that everything I do leads to the coast.
And something you might expect me to find...
Is a local who might know a thing or two about an interesting surf scene 30 minutes from the capital Rome.
This video recounts my experience with Italian surf guru Roby D'amico and the discovery of a truly charming surf scene in the Santa Marinella area. Expectations about Italian surfing (as you'll see towards the end of the video) were far exceeded.
I hope you enjoy the video :) Ti amo

Filmed by :
Nils Astrologue
Alexandre Dotti
Dylan Graves

Musical score:
Opening scene - Andrea Bocelli "com te partiro
Intro- Roman street artist, The Orange Boy.
Meet Roby: VIP Lemonade
1st Surf: Rafael Crux "Italian Romance
Transition to Day 2 - Bob Gerard "Ballo Di Gnocchi Italiano"
Banzai surf - Track Tribe "Dance 4x
Transition to Hunt and baby tubes - Maskmada "Temazo
Final Surf - VIP Lemonade
VIP Lemonade Credits

Surfers :
Tomasso Scollo
Roberto Albigi
Stefano Rospo
Ottavia Salvati
Andrea Ugolini
Marco Morelli
Giorgio Rossi
Giampolo "Kurdo" Pietraforte