Strike Mission Ireland (Part 2/2)

20/01/2023 - 17:37
After the Basque Country, second Strike Mission this time in Ireland, left France in a Van a few days before the swell arrived, I was able to score some monstrous waves in this beautiful country.

Between the good sessions, the good times with the locals and the good weather all along the trip, we couldn't have dreamt of anything better! 

Art Direction : Kyllian Guerin / Gabriel Boin
Cinematography : Gabriel Boin
Water Footage : Diego Balestro
Additional Footage : Simon Levalois-Bazer / Yentl Touboul / Andrew Kaineder
Drone Operator : Conor Flanagan
Surfers : Kyllian Guerin / Gearoid McDaid / Conor Maguire / Noah Lane / Charly Quivront / Parker Coffin
Piano : Marin Michelat
Edit & Color Grading : Gabriel Boin
Still Photography : Gabriel Boin