Welcome to the Team

18/09/2022 - 21:27
Originally hailing from the Sunny Coast, this styling shredder only picked up a twinny not too long ago but it was moving to a remote village in the Mentawai Islands that was the ultimate making of Ruby Southwell, in more ways than one.

She lives off the grid with a local family who gather and grow all of their food, she rises with the sun and sleeps with the moon and surfs whenever there is swell.

There is no road, no footpaths, no shops or restaurants – a place where you are completely immersed in the jungle and a complete juxtaposition of where she grew up.

A truly special place that Ruby now calls home. 

Excited to learn and to share what she learns, Ruby is passionate about the ocean, living sustainably and telling stories that are meaningful, always having an open mind about the ways and traditions of the people and places she comes across.

Her surfing is mesmerising to watch, she showcases something special on small waves and charges big waves with a style and grace like no other, exuding an air of freedom and finality. She just makes you want to go surfing. 


Videographer: @igrassetphoto