Women in the Giants

20/01/2021 - 15:27
The time is gone when you were watching a giant wave, either in person or by video, and you were sure you were a male surfer on the board.

Especially in Nazaré, some women have made history and broken paradigms.

The Brazilian world record holder for giant waves, Maya, and the French Justine Dupont, winner of Ride Of the Year and always in the dispute for Guinness, are the two greatest exponents on the circuit today.

New names, like Midesbouillons, are also gaining the spotlight.

The trio, super used to perfectly drop the waves of the Cannon, now have the company of the also Brazilian @michaelafregonese, always highlighted by the performances in Hawaii and which now focuses on winning the Ride of The Year dominating Nazaré.

We talked to the four big riders about the evolution of surfing on giant waves in the world, what it's like to surf in Nazaré and their expectations for the future.

Of course, there is also a lot of wave of these beasts.


Edited  by Luís "Ben" de Sá / @luisbendesa  / @abovecreators
Filmed by Luís "Ben" de Sá / Paulo Borges / Daniel Cabaço /Claudio Matias / @abovecreators