Vantage Points
Soli Bailey & Mikey Mallalieu

04/06/2021 - 13:32
For the first time in over a decade, Soli Bailey found himself land-locked at home in Australia.

He made the most of his time and scored ridiculously good waves in his own backyard.

From small beachies to heavy slabs, Soli can do it all with power and style.

"I want these edits to showcase how much of an all-around surfer Soli Bailey is and why he is one of Australia’s best.

From big airs to his powerful rail game and a knack for reading tubes of consequence, these edits will be high in action with minimal fluff.

The goal is to get you psyched to go surfing and hit the road in your own backyard wherever that may be." - Mikey Mallalieu

Soli Bailey - O'Neill Team Rider 
When the waves turn on, few are better in the barrel than Byron Bay native Soli Bailey.

As a fierce competitor and dynamic free surfer, Soli can hold his own with the world’s best no matter the conditions.


Michael Mallalieu - Filmaker
Michael Mallalieu A.K.A Mallmic is a videographer born in Cape Town, South Africa.

At age 18 Michael went to the Gold Coast, Australia for a 3 weeks trip and never left.

His passion for filming surf escalated and soon became a full-time profession.

With close ties to some of the Gold Coast’s most influential and progressive surfers such as Noa Deane, Jack Freestone, and Mitch Crews, Mallmic has managed to curate some of the surfing world’s most-watched content.

His self-produced short films include, Something is Calling, Clique, Candle, PUP, and RU.BU 994 with Noa Deane’s HEADNOISE being his proudest work to date.